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Future Mental
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Future Mental
Future Mental
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A small wooden box is shown. On top of the box are three brightly colored crocheted balls. One red, one yellow and one blue. While your back is turned, a spectator selects one of the three balls. Free choice no force. The ball is shown around and placed back on the box.

The balls then are dropped into the spectator's hands. You open the box, and the spectator drops the balls into three holes in the box. The balls are dropped into the box in any order, and they are visible even as the lid is replaced on the box. Hand the box to the spectator to hold. Explain that you have a prediction in your pocket. Reach in and remove it. Ask the spectator to name their selected color. They do. Open your hand and show a ball the same color as the one they freely selected! Miracle number one!

Now ask the spectator to open the box. They remove the lid and there is one ball missing. Of course the missing ball matches their selected color! Miracle number two!Immediately hand everything out for examination! The Balls... The Box... Everything. Future Mental is a real miracle. It fooled me. It will fool you. And it will absolutely fool your audience. Very easy to perform. Immediately repeatable. Really a perfect close up mental effect.

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