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Ghost Tube (FT)
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Ghost Tube (FT)
Ghost Tube (FT)
Item #: 21878 (M5-2-1)
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The silver tube is shown empty, then you produce Silks, Spring Flowers, Feather Flowers, Currency Notes, Garlands, etc!


The Ghost Tube is made from stainless steel, to give you a sturdy and long lasting prop, at a very reasonable price. It will never rust, and an occasional wipe with tissue will keep it glistening for a lifetime.

The performer shows an empty tube, allowing the audience to see right through it. He then produces Silks, Spring Flowers, Feather Flowers, Currency Notes, Garlands, etc. from the “empty” tube.

After showing the tube empty, you could cap the ends with tissue paper, and rubber band the paper to form drum heads over the tube. Hold this before a candle or torch, and the tube appears empty. Burst the paper, and make your production. If the ends were capped with flash paper, you would have a more dramatic impact, as the paper goes off in a flash, then the production is made.


These Ghost Tubes have a leak-proof load chamber. You can pour liquid into the “bottomless tube” which the audience has seen right through, and have it stay magically suspended in the tube. Pass a lit candle through the tube, then pour out the liquid. Use your imagination and you could use these for many novel magic effects.


(Production items are sold separately.)

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The silver tube is shown empty, then you produce Silks, Spring 
Flowers, Feather Flowers, Currency Notes, Garlands, etc!