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Grandmas Necklace (FT)
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Grandmas Necklace (FT)
Grandmas Necklace (FT)
Item #: 21840 (M5-4-3)
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The beads come off the cords without the cords being cut!


This is a very old pocket trick. The magician takes out a necklace (cords) from his pocket. It has three beads with two cords running through them.


The magician takes one of the cords from either side and ties a single knot. It is then covered with a borrowed hanky except for the four ends of the cords which remain outside. It seems impossible to take out the beads without the cords being cut. But the magician does exactly that!


Includes three ordinary beads and two cords. E-Z to do!


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It seems impossible to remove the beads without the cords being 
cut. But the magician does exactly that!