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Happy Birthday Coloring Frame (FT)
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Happy Birthday Coloring Frame (FT)
Happy Birthday Coloring Frame (FT)
Item #: 20967 (M10-14-3)
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Magician shows a board frame, with a card visible through a large cut-out window. The card has some dotted lines on it.  When he removes the card from the frame, the dotted lines visibly change to display the message “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” printed in black on a white background.  Magician inserts this card back into the frame.  He makes a few magic gestures, and again pulls it out of the frame.  Now, the card visibly changes to a multicolor picture with the message “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.


Includes frame (approx. 10″ x 8″) ready to work, with instructions.  A must for any performer doing Birthday parties.

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A large photo frame visibly changes into a black and white line 
drawing. The line drawing then becomes fully colored to show a cute 
Birthday picture. The effect is mechanical, and changes without any 
cover.  Ideal for a birthday show.