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Hexed Ring Box (FT)
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Hexed Ring Box (FT)
Hexed Ring Box (FT)
Item #: 19196 (M10-13-2)
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A borrowed ring is covered by a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold. The performer now introduces a ring box which is displayed all around and placed on the table. The handkerchief is whipped away and the ring is found to have vanished. The spectator opens the box and finds the ring. You are supplied with the "antique finish" hexagonal ring box in hardwood with inlaid lid, gimmicked to make this possible.


Please note, the handkerchief is not included. You may vanish or switch out the ring using sleight of hand, or a handkerchief with an inexpensive ring sewn into the hem is a great method to perform the vanish.

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A borrowed ring magically appears inside the box.