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Hot Book or Hot Bible Replacement Flints (FT) Pack of 10
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Hot Book or Hot Bible Replacement Flints (FT) Pack of 10
Hot Book or Hot Bible Replacement Flints (FT) Pack of 10
Item #: 21946 (M4-1-3)
Unit: Pack of 10

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Flints for your Hot Book or Hot Bible.


Pack of 10.


Information on replacing flints in Hot Books:

The flints require to be fitted in a specific way. There is a spring in the striking mechanism that prevents the screw from going into the mechanism, and if the spring is not first removed, the flint will not go in. It is almost impossible to fit the flint in a mechanism fitted in the book.


The mechanism needs to be unscrewed from the book - remove the screw, spring, and old flint. Then drop in the fresh flint, followed by the spring, and then the bottom screw. Then screw the mechanism back into the book.

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Flints for your Hot Book or Hot Bible.