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Hot Rod Jumbo Black - 5 Inch (FT)
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Hot Rod Jumbo Black - 5 Inch (FT)
Item #: 11614 (M10-9-3)
Unit: Each

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Performer shows a rod with six colored gems on each side. Spectator selects one of the colors and the magician changes all of the gems to the selected color on both sides. Made of plastic. Very easy to handle. Also available in clear.
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Hot Flip Flops (FT)
21551 (M10-10-4)
Performer displays a Flip Flop - 7 boards hinged together with six different colored glitter fans between the boards. Spectator selects one of the fans, and all the fans change to the selected color.
In Stock

Pick a Color Stick (FT)
14140 (M16-6-3)
A stick with various colors becomes one color after that color is chosen by the audience member.
In Stock

Hot Rod Small Black (FT)
9937 (M10-9-1)
All of the different colored gems change to the chosen color.
In Stock

Gold Plated Hot Rod (FT)
18300 (M10-18-2)
This is an exotic model of the Hot Rod, made in solid brass, plated in real gold, engraved and set with bright colored sparkling gem stones - a prop that will intrigue your audiences even before the magic begins!
In Stock

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Phony Squirt Catsup (Royal)
21627 (M16-5-1)
Want some catsup? Or do you prefer ketchup? Either way, it's fake, a classic gag, a red piece of string that gets 'em every time.
Out of Stock

Dicey Dimensions (FT)
21585 (M7-1-2)
The performer shows a large square board (a flat die!), depicting a one spot on one side, and six on the reverse. The board instantly transforms into a solid 3D cube – a Jumbo 6-sided Die !
Out of Stock

Torch To Bouquet (FT)
21582 (M23-12-4)
The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. She covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in her hand.
In Stock

Sure Shot ESP Prediction (FT)
21576 (M21-11-3)
A very low-priced pocket mental effect that you can perform anywhere, anytime. Use them as promotional gifts at your shows or giveaways to beginners who are interested in magic and/or mentalism.
In Stock

Mysterious Cup (FT)
21574 (M15-12-2)
An ordinary looking plastic cup with magical properties.
In Stock

Magic Wands – Plastic (7″) Dozen Multicolor (FT)
21573 (M13-10-2)
Supplied in packets of a dozen. 2 of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black & Orange)
In Stock

The different colored stones will magically become the same