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Hydrostatic Glass (Bazar de Magia)
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Hydrostatic Glass (Bazar de Magia)
Hydrostatic Glass (Bazar de Magia)
Item #: 22057 (M3-11-3)
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Cover the rim of the glass with a piece of paper, turn the glass upside down, and the liquid stays in the glass!


Is it science? No, it's magic!


A transparent glass is filled with water. Immediately you cover the rim of the glass with a piece of paper and turn the glass upside down. The liquid remains in the glass! Then you remove the paper…and the liquid still remains in the glass! After that, you announce that the liquid will fall…and following your words the liquid pours out!


Easy to do, complete, ready to perform. One of the most effective tricks with liquid.

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Cover the rim of the glass with a piece of paper, turn the glass 
upside down, and the liquid stays in the glass!