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i-Micro ITR Levitation Device (S)
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i-Micro ITR Levitation Device (S)
i-Micro ITR Levitation Device (S)
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A dollar bill or any other small object is made to float in the air and remain suspended after you walk away. It will, with no apparent movement on your part, float to your waiting hand.  The bill can then be passed out for examination.  Durable and precise!

4.5" x 3/8" dia.  15' of retraction distance.  Amazing retraction distance for its slim easy to hide design!  Includes over two hours of free online video training.

You can also do the Amazing Floating Ring Routine, the Amazing Haunted Pack Card Routine. 

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Make small items float in the air, then come back to you.  You can Float a Dollar bill and walk away, showing your hands completely empty!  Kevlar.