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Impression Deck (FT)
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Impression Deck (FT)
Impression Deck (FT)
Item #: 19773 (M10-3-3)
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A selected card is mixed in the deck and returned to its case. The spectator is asked to tap the case to make selected card penetrate the deck and case and fall out. The spectator does so with no effect. The perplexed performer gives the deck to the spectator to find his selected card, which he fails to do. The audience thinks that the card has vanished. But the card has penetrated half the case, and shows as a printed impression on the back of the case.

Remember – the case is shown clearly empty. The card box can be shown empty before and after the effect. he spectator himself goes through the deck and finds his selected card has vanished.  We supply a poker size regular deck, which you can also use for your other effects, and the gimmicked card case responsible for the vanish of the selected card with the impression printed at the back of the case, with photo illustrated instructions for performing this. You need to force the impression card by any method you choose.

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The card chosen by the spectator vanishes from inside the deck and 
case, and ends up imprinted on the outside of the box.