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Instant Chick Incubator (FT)
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Instant Chick Incubator (FT)
Instant Chick Incubator (FT)
Item #: 18290 (M4-1-4)
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Make a chick appear from an egg!


Or produce a rabbit silk from the egg!


Or a handful of coins to start your Miser's Dream routine!


The possibilities are endless and fun.


Performer displays a small house shaped box, with a cut out middle, which the audience can see right through. An egg is placed in this empty space. The incubator is then covered with a large silk and when removed a cute little live chick appears. Apparatus is made of wood, attractively decorated and automatic in working.


It can be used for other magical changes with silks, sponge balls, gag props, etc.


Video Demonstration:

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There are many uses for this clever 
creation. Make a live chick magically 
appear from an egg in this incubator. 
(But you can produce whatever 
small item you like.)