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Its TV Time (Ickle Pickle)
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Its TV Time (Ickle Pickle)
Its TV Time (Ickle Pickle)
Item #: 21160 (M11-16-4)
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Mentalism in TV shows! Guess the show that you spectactor selected from the list.

A spectator is told to select any TV show he likes to watch from a list of 100 programs. Totally free choice. There are 10 shows listed on each of 10 cards. He selects a show and turns that card over without you seeing the card. He is told to mix up all the cards and lay them out with the white side up. Once again he finds the selected show and points to the card with his show on it. You instantly know shich show he selected! The newest effect in the Destination Unknown series. This time it is double-coded, meaning that you can read the code from either the colored side or the white side. 

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Guess the TV series that your spectator likes to watch. The TV shows 
themed variation of the Destination Unknown effect. This time it is