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Japanese Production Box (FT)
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Japanese Production Box (FT)
Japanese Production Box (FT)
Item #: 20890 (M4-11-1)
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The Japanese Production Box is a classic prop for silk productions. Very easy to use and quite deceptive in performance.  The performer displays a rectangular tube that the audience can see right through, resting on a thin base with holes.  The audience can also see there is nothing concealed in the base.  Having shown the tube empty, the performer places it on the base and proceeds to produce a large quantity of silks from the tube.  The Box along with base measures approximately 9.5 inches in length 6 inches in height and 6 inches in width.


Instead of silks, you can also produce spring flowers, sponge balls or all three.  After the initial production, the tube is shown empty again, then a second large production is made.


Video Demonstration:

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Classic prop for silk productions, spring flowers, or sponge balls. 
Very easy to use and quite deceptive in performance. The Box along 
with base measures approximately 9.5" length x 6" height x 6" width.