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Joke Catalog #120
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Joke Catalog #120
Joke Catalog #120
Item #: 19474 (M48-6-1)
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Catalog #120 is our full color joke and magic catalog! Give one to good customers, put them on the counter and sell them, put one in orders you ship, mail them to your customer list. You can print a special price list with your prices. No prices printed in catalog. You can label the catalog as if it were yours! 

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X-Ray Spex
21546 (M9-14-4)
One of the world's funniest practical jokes! With this famous, blushingly funny illusion, see the bones in your hand or start a riot pretending you can see through clothing.
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Cube 4 You Trick (Joker Magic)
A colorful cube which gets squashed in the spectators hand!
Out of Stock

Magicians Joke Routine Props - BLACK I (Black Eye)
20489 (M5-18-2)
50 black I sponge letters to give out during your routine.
In Stock

Gelling Joke - Bottled - Carded
17419 (M4-14-2))
Gelling powder gels liquids instantly into a solid. Not edible before or after gelled. Also called "slush powder."
In Stock

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Famous Penny to Dime with Metal Bang Ring
21996 (O3 - DRAW)
These simple coins have a few tricks up their sleeve. Make a dime pass through your hand! Many variations with this trick. Both coins can immediately be examined! Includes metal bang ring.
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Farts in a Can
21973 (M1-5-4)
The sound of a fart! In a can! This blaster will clear the room.
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Magic with ESP Book and Deck (FT)
21965 (R4-3-3)
This soft cover, large size, illustrated book (22 pages) is the third revised and enlarged edition of the book originally published nearly three decades ago. A deck of ESP cards - with symbols in five colors - is included.
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Sam Schwartz - Incredible Word Power
21958 (L1-2-3)
The magician reveals which word card is selected!
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Locked Box Deluxe - Teak (FT)
21912 (M5-10-1)
Any small object can disappear after being locked away. A first class utility item with many possible uses.
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18 and Up Card Cocktails (FT)
21851 (M1-1-3)
18 drink cards and a wallet for a bunch of cocktail or bar routines!
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