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Jumbo Gag Card Outfit (FT)
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Jumbo Gag Card Outfit (FT)
Jumbo Gag Card Outfit (FT)
Item #: 13567 (M11-10-3)
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A set of 5 specially printed jumbo cards, with off beat face designs, for gag card effects. 2 different variations of the 52-in-1 card, 14 of diamonds, 3 1/2 of clubs, and a cozy card - QD+KD. Complete in a special laminated envelope with two dozen ideas for their use.

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These large cards have specially designed faces for some great 
laughs. 2 different variations of the 52-in-1 card, 14 of diamonds, 
3 1/2 of clubs, and a cozy card - QD+KD. Special laminated envelope 
and two dozen ideas for use.