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Jumbo Inflatable Wand 24" - Pack of 10
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Jumbo Inflatable Wand 24" - Pack of 10
Jumbo Inflatable Wand 24" - Pack of 10
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From Silly Billy (David Kaye), top children's performer! Use it the same way you would the old styrofoam wand, except this packs flat, inflates, self-seals, and is cheap enough to give away! Hit yourself on the head - by "accident" - for laughs. You get 10 Jumbo Inflatable Wands, 2 feet long (24 inches) each.

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A fun wand that packs flat, inflates, self-seals, and is cheap 
enough to give away! You get 10 Jumbo Inflatable Wands. From Silly 
Billy - David Kaye - top children's magician.