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Jumbo Selected Card Across (FT)
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Jumbo Selected Card Across (FT)
Jumbo Selected Card Across (FT)
Item #: 12886 (M11-9-2)
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The Card Across is an old effect that is known to most magicians and many versions are available in books and magazines. In this effect, the magician counts two packets of five cards and requests a spectator to select one of the packets. The person next chooses any one card in the packet. With the wave of his magic wand, the magician causes the chosen card to fly invisibly to the other packet.

The effect is not only easy to do, but it is done with Jumbo cards that make the effect most suitable for stage. This Jumbo version also eliminates the possibilities of palming a card across or similar sleights usually done with normal sized cards. Remember that the magician need not even know the selected card and there is no force of the card! We supply you with ten jumbo cards and the full routine.

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Magi causes the card chosen by a spectator to fly invisibly from one 
packet of cards to the other! No force of card. Magi need not know 
which card has been chosen!