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Kennard Mystery Box - Oak
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Kennard Mystery Box - Oak
Kennard Mystery Box - Oak
Item #: 21029 (M11-7-1)
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Take a metal ring and place it inside the mystery box. You can not only see it inside, but hear it, too. Take the wooden mini wand and place it through the special slots in the box, so the audience can see both ends of the wand. Open the box to see that the ring mysteriously is placed on the wand! Great effect!


One of the first Kennards Mystery Boxes was made by D. Robbins in the 1960s. Now you can find this oak-made version that is bigger and better. The magnet is stronger and hidden by lamination not a piece of felt. The ring is larger. The box is made from solid oak and treated with Tung oil. Complete set of an oak-made apparatus and a steel ring. The box is approximately 3.5" x 4".

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The ring mysteriously gets on the magic wand put inside the Kennards 
Mystery Box. Bigger and oak-made version of the classic apparatus.