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Kevlar Invisible Thread - 10 feet (S)
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Kevlar Invisible Thread - 10 feet (S)
Kevlar Invisible Thread - 10 feet (S)
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There is no better invisible thread on the market!  This very fine invisible thread is perfect for the professional thread magician. This thread is twice as strong as traditional thread, and it is much better for fluorescent lighting.  Impossible to see against any background. You can float bills, balls, pins, cigarettes and more! 

 10 feet of black thread, easy to strip off of a card.  Routine included.  Magician's wax sold separately.

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The best invisible thread, perfect for the professional thread 
magician. Twice as strong as traditional thread, and better for 
fluorescent lighting. Perfect for close-up or strolling magic.  10 
feet wound on a card.