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Kings to Aces (Wonder)
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Kings to Aces (Wonder)
Kings to Aces (Wonder)
Item #: 21011 (M11-5-2)
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Change 3 cards, the King of Hearts, Clubs and Spades into 3 other cards, the Ace of Hearts, Clubs and Spades.

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Choose Your Queen (E-ZX)
17784 (M4-11-2)
The chosen queen is the one face up, while the others disappear.
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Toss Change Card - Bicycle (FT)
The card tossed in the air changes before returning to the magician's hand.
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King of Magic Card Trick (FT)
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The performer is actually found to be the King of Magic.
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Color Changing Kings to Aces (Wonder)
2 red Kings magically change to 2 black Kings. The spectator thinks she knows how the trick is done. Suddenly, all the kings have disappeared! They have turned into Aces. You can show the four Aces front and back one at a time. Easy to do.
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Change 3 cards of Kings into 3 cards of Aces.