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Lady To Lion (Large) (FT)
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Lady To Lion (Large) (FT)
Lady To Lion (Large) (FT)
Item #: 21855 (M11-4-4)
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The woman in the cage changes into a lion!


Here is a two-dimensional version of the famous Lady To Lion illusion.  The magician shows a picture of a lady in a cage, with a magician standing behind her. 


He describes the famous Lady To Lion Illusion, where the magician’s glamorous assistant is transformed into a large African Lion. In an instant the lady in the cage changes to a lion. 


Lady To Lion is made of a strong yet simple board, and measures approximately 7.25″ x 10.5″ in size.  The picture is silk screened in several bright colours. 


Lady To Lion comes to you complete with instructions and ready to work 

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The woman in the cage changes into a lion!