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Legendary Kabbala by J. Racherbaumer
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Legendary Kabbala by J. Racherbaumer
Legendary Kabbala by J. Racherbaumer
Item #: BK14582 (L7-1-2.M27-9-1)
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Limited edition hardcover compilation of The Kabbala (1971-1981).  Designed for lovers of close up, collectors and historians.  Written by Jon Racherbaumer, it is indexed, annotated with over 200 footnotes.  Contains 232 solid, practical, thought-provoking tricks, sleights, and subtleties by over 40 contributors.  486 pages, illustrated, gold embossed, with dust jacket.

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Limited edition hardcover compilation of "The Kabbala" (1971-1981), 
designed for lovers of close up, collectors and historians. 232 
tricks, sleights, and subtleties by over 40 contributors. From Jon