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Lethal Tender Bridge .50 (Sterling)
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Lethal Tender Bridge .50 (Sterling)
Lethal Tender Bridge .50 (Sterling)
Item #: 10213 (O3-1-3)
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"Lethal Tender" is a set consisting of a half dollar coin, a Chinese coin and a playing card in a neat black plastic wallet.  With these items, fantastic transformations take place.   For example:  Take the half dollar from the wallet and place it on the back of your spectator's hand.  Place their hand on top of the wallet so that it presses on the Chinese coin that is inside.  Wave the playing card over the half dollar for only a second.  The Chinese coin is instantly on the back of your spectator's hand, and the half dollar is in the wallet!


But that is just one surprising effect:  several other "shockers" are described by Steve Dusheck.  No sleight of hand required! Anyone can do this right away!

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Change a half dollar into a Chinese coin. No skill required, as the 
coins do all the work.