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Jack Millers Linking Ring Routine
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Jack Millers Linking Ring Routine
Jack Millers Linking Ring Routine
Item #: BK14586 (L7-2-3.L16-1-1.2.3)
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By Jack Miller. The greatest work ever published on Linking Rings. That’s what Dr. Tarbell said when he looked over the manuscript for this book which is by one of the best of the present day artists. Jack's long cherished secrets are yours at last - his ring through ring, ring through arms, special three ring routine, his special handling, etc. You get all, and in addition to the linking ring instructions, he also gives you a separate chapter on ring and rope penetrations. 36 printed pages, 92 photos, 20 drawings.

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Linking Rope Loops (FT)
20935 (M11-2-4)
Magician asks 2 spectators to each tie a knot into their 30" rope. Magician ties knot in third rope. Then he links the solid rings of rope. Spectators can untie the knots to verify that the knots are genuine.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #9
19811 (F1-2-4)
A collection of four easy to learn magic tricks. Magic Linking Rings, Magic Rope & Vase, Magic Card Frame, and Magic Ball Escape.
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Chinese Linking Rings 4" - Empire
18955 (M4-14-2)
A set of 8, four-inch linking rings.
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Chinese Linking Rings - 8" S.S. (FT)
15093 (M4-14-1)
Eight 8" stainless steel linking rings can magically link together, plus a 32 page printed and illustrated Linking Ring Tutor instruction booklet.
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Nuclear Fusion 4" Linking Rings Set of 4
19794 (M15-5-3)
Link together or unlink all four 4" rings.
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Chinese Linking Rings - 10" S.S.  (FT)
18296 (M4-18-3)
Eight 10" stainless steel linking rings magically link together before their eyes. Includes a 32 page printed and illustrated Linking Ring Tutor instruction booklet.
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Circus Magic Coloring Book 5" x 8" (TM)
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Essential Sol Stone (paperback)
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EZ Magic Copper/Silver/Brass (English Penny/Kennedy Half Dollar/Chinese Coin)
21761 (O5-3-2)
A 3 coin transposition effect to beat all transposition effects! Handcrafted using a authentic coins.
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Miller teaches magicians how to use linking rings, and ring and rope