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Chinese Linking Rings 8 inch
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Chinese Linking Rings 8 inch
Chinese Linking Rings 8 inch
Item #: 22017 (R1-3-1)
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The magician shows solid rings then magically links and unlinks them. This set has eight 8" rings.


The Linking Rings are a classic magic effect. 


Each set /printed box with instructions.

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Linking Rope Loops (FT)
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Magician asks 2 spectators to each tie a knot into their 30" rope. Magician ties knot in third rope. Then he links the solid rings of rope. Spectators can untie the knots to verify that the knots are genuine.
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Royal Chinese Linking Rings - 5"
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Chinese Linking Rings - 8" S.S. (FT)
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Jack Millers Linking Ring Routine
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Miller teaches magicians how to use linking rings, and ring and rope penetrations.
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Linking Ropes (Empire)
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Routined Manipulation Finale by L. Ganson - Vol. 3 (FT)
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In this third volume, you will be treated to routines with props like the Linking Rings, dice, handkerchiefs, sponge balls, cards and more. There are routines by some of the top magicians from all around the world.
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The magician shows solid rings then magically links and unlinks 
them. This set has eight 8" rings.