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Lollipops #402/8 - Pack of 12
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Lollipops #402/8 - Pack of 12
Lollipops #402/8 - Pack of 12
Item #: 9952 (M12-3-3)
Unit: Dozen

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"Lollipops" is a "sweet" effect that really keeps 'em guessing. Magi shows an unprepared brown paper bag. He reaches in and pulls out a RED lollipop. Replacing this, he then pulls out a LIME. The lime lollipop is replaced and a GRAPE one is shown. After replacing the grape, the Magi produces a fourth which is LEMON. He decides to keep this one and hands the bag out to the audience. They are amazed to find the bag completely empty! Pack of 12.

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Magic trick with a paper bag, and 4 colored 'lollipops'. Pack of 12.