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Magic Cup and Ball - Neon Color Assortment - Pack of 12
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Magic Cup and Ball - Neon Color Assortment - Pack of 12
Magic Cup and Ball - Neon Color Assortment - Pack of 12
Item #: 13546 (M12-11-2)
Unit: Dozen

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A neat looking little vase is placed on the table. You remove the cover. Sitting in the case is a colorful ball, which you remove and place in your pocket.  You cover the vase and then snap your fingers.  You remove the cover again, the ball is back in the vase! Even a four year old can do it!  Bright assorted Neon Colors - 12 per pack.

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The popular ball and vase trick comes in bright neon colors. A 4" 
plastic neon colored version of this classic magic trick. Pack of