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Magic Dragon Drawer Box #5424
Item Details
Magic Dragon Drawer Box #5424
Magic Dragon Drawer Box #5424
Item #: 13765 (M12-12-1, 41-13-2)
Unit: Each

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Anything that is placed inside the cute little chest with the dragon image on its top can be vanished and made to reappear at the will of the magician. This is the perfect pocket trick. Easy to perform and a real fooler!  3" x 1.5" x 0.5".

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Dragon Mystery Box (Empire)
20709 (M7-12-3)
Make small items disappear and come back easily.
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Drawer Box - Wood Small 8" x 5" x 4" (FT)
14948 (M7-12-1)
Small wooden box can make items vanish or appear.
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Gozinta Boxes (FT)
19391 (M10-17-1)
The red and black boxes keep changing location.
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Transformation Box - Large Wood (FT)
14813 (M23-11-4)
Large wood transformation drawer box that allows you to perform the usual productions and vanishes, and also to transform or change one SOLID item into another. 10″ long x 6.25″ wide x 7 1/2″ high.
In Stock

Magical Pencil Case (Wonder)
20459 (M13-8-2)
PERFORM 10 AMAZING TRICKS WITH THE PENCIL CASE! Open the pencil case to show it is empty. Shut it, and open it again. Pencils, erasers and more have magically appeared!
In Stock

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Card Castle - Regular (FT)
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Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
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Silk - 6" - Pack of 12 - Blue
18142 (M18-16-2)
A dozen blue silks, 6" in size.
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Double Change Brass Hot Rod with DVD
10108 (M7-9-3)
Your favorite trick now comes with DVD! Made of brass, the six colors all become the same.
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Silk - 12" - Pack of 12 - Assorted
18168 (M18-17-1)
A dozen assorted color silks, 12" in size.
In Stock

Make items appear or vanish instantly from this cute little drawer 
with a dragon image on its top. 3" x 1.5" x 0.5".