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Magic Energetic Card, PBH #5717
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Magic Energetic Card, PBH #5717
Magic Energetic Card, PBH #5717
Item #: 18671 (M12-13-3)
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Objects placed on a card can be floated up! Show a card to the audience and borrow a toothpick or light object to place over card. As you gently flex card, the object will rise above the surface. Pass the object back to the audience to let them try – they can’t do it! Instructions included.  (Practice well before demonstration.)

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Bicycle Floater Cards (FT)
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Floating Princess (FT)
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The different pictures float right off of the cards. The trick is simple and with a few handling trials will be a miracle.
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Magnetic Card Box 25 Tricks Booklet (TM)
BK19125 (L8-3-4)
25 Tricks with a Magnetic Card Box. Can be used with a standard card box as well. Make playing cards appear, disappear and more!
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Only the magician can draw the magnetic energy out of the card.