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Magic Flower from Wand in Pot
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Magic Flower from Wand in Pot
Magic Flower from Wand in Pot
Item #: 12313 (M12-14-2)
Unit: Each

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Magician can magically produce a beautiful feather flower from an empty pot! Show the audience that the plastic pot is empty. Then magically use the Magic Wand, circling over the pot. Place the wand into the pot, quickly pull out the wand, and a feather flower will appear in front of their eyes! Great effect and easy to do.


Enjoy this video demonstration:

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This magic wand can make a flower appear from an empty pot! 
You get 
a small feather flower, a plastic magic wand, and a small 
flower pot. Tap the wand in the pot, and the flower magically 
appears! Polybag with full color header.