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Magic Instant Art - Mermaid (FT)
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Magic Instant Art - Mermaid (FT)
Magic Instant Art - Mermaid (FT)
Item #: 21844 (M5-17-3)
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The picture of an undersea world becomes colorful and a mermaid appears!


Instant Art is a very popular magical effect, where a black and white picture visibly changes into a colored one as it is pulled out of a window frame. In this model, besides the visible coloring effect, there is also the magic appearance of a Mermaid in the picture.

The picture will lend itself to a suitable story line – the Magic Aquarium, where all the fish seem to be looking at something we cannot see. Then as you say the magic words and pull out the picture, the picture appears in gorgeous colors, and the invisible Mermaid makes her appearance.

The trick is completely mechanical in working, and no skill is required.

We supply you with the mechanical picture ready to work.

The large postcard size picture (offset printed) makes this suitable for a platform show. The artwork is specially done for this effect by magic artist Bill Wright of the U.K. A pack flat prop at a very low price, that will prove popular with any kid show or family show entertainer.

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The picture of an undersea world becomes colorful and a mermaid