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Magic Money Maker #5720
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Magic Money Maker #5720
Magic Money Maker #5720
Item #: 10825 (M5-14-1)
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This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob, and from the opposite sideā€¦ OUT COMES A REAL DOLLAR BILL! Insert the dollar and it changes to a $5 bill, then the $5 changes to a $10. No skill required! Pocket size.
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Six Bill Repeat - $50 Model (FT)
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You start with 6 fifty dollar bills. You take away 3, you still have 6!
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Mobile Printer (Joker Magic)
20592 (M6-15-3)
From completely blank cards the magician produces regular cards within seconds by using his mobile phone! This is a funny trick with an easy routine, works with any mobile or tablet device. Comes with Bicycle cards.
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E-Z Money Vanisher (FT)
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Money Maker - Stage Size (FT)
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Stage version. Change ordinary paper into money.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #1
18591 (F1-1-1)
Includes 4 great and easily learned tricks in one magic set: Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic Money Maker, and Crystal Coin Case.
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Change blank paper into money, then the money into larger