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Magic Penetration Pen #5732
Item Details
Magic Penetration Pen #5732
Magic Penetration Pen #5732
Item #: 17596 (M13-15-1)
Unit: Each

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Perform a Pen Thru Bill and restore the bill with a shout! Use any bill. You can even perform a Pen Thru Coin.

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Pen Penetration (FT)
21012 (M16-4-4)
The world's most popular pen trick. A pen penetrates through paper, currency, name cards, and more, and mysteriously slides out without any hole or tear in the paper! Many routines can be performed with this amazing device. A perfect pocket trick.
In Stock

Magic Pencil (Astor)
20765 (M13-15-3)
Magician uses pencil to pierce and then tear in half a borrowed bill, then restores bill. Next, the magician slowly and visibly penetrates the banknote with pencil. It's restored again. Easy to do.
In Stock

Space Coins - 2 EURO
20279 (M19-5-3)
Make 2 Euro coins penetrate a brass cylinder, a bag and a table! Comes supplied with a polished brass cylinder and a bag.
In Stock

Piercing Pen with DVD and Magic Pen
20167 (R5-1-3)
Stick the pen through the bill but leave no hole. Magic pen included.
In Stock

Predict a Pendant
A ripped bill can appear inside a pendant, or wherever the performer wishes. There are hundreds of other routines that can be performed with this device.
Out of Stock

Magical Coin Block (FT)
19833 (M14-10-3)
Make the penny disappear or change it into a dime.
Out of Stock

Pen Penetration (Empire)
12919 (M16-4-4)
The pen can go right through the dollar bill without leaving any damage.
In Stock

Dollar Bill Penetration (FT)
13504 (M7-8-2)
The bill borrowed from the audience is punctured with a pencil, but leaves no holes. Apparatus is made of wood.
Out of Stock

Pencil through Borrowed Bill (FT)
9994 (M16-4-3)
Push the pencil through the bill without leaving a mark.
In Stock

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Bagshawe's Mind Reading Genie (FT)
21932 (M4-1-3)
A pocket effect you can carry around, and perform any place. The Genie will be holding the same card the spectator selected.
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Magnetic Pip Card Giant Size (FT)
21913 (13-2-2)
The diamonds on the card keep changing! What's next?
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Isolation Card Change (FT)
21911 (M11-17-2)
With this device the wrong card changes to the selected one.
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Magicians Lapel Pin - Dove (FT)
21907 (M13-5-4)
A tie or lapel pin enameled in several colors and plated in gold, with a magical theme.
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Ghost Dice - Large (FT)
21887 (M9-16-1)
An incredible penetration effect, from decades ago when mechanical props were works of real magic.
In Stock

Lady To Lion (Large) (FT)
21855 (M11-4-4)
The woman in the cage changes into a lion!
In Stock

Use any bill to perform Pen Thru Bill and restore the bill. You can 
even perform a Pen Thru Coin.