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Magic Taper (Stripper) Cards #6959
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Magic Taper (Stripper) Cards #6959
Magic Taper (Stripper) Cards #6959
Item #: 13774 (M3-11-2)
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Regular appearing deck that everyone can examine, yet Magi can instantly find a spectator's chose card! Instructions are included for many other great tricks!Bridge Size 24 per display box
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Wizard Bicycle Stripper Deck including Short Cards - Red Backs (Sterling)
With this versatile deck the magic is in your hands. Find the spectator's card like a sleight of hand expert but using no sleight of hand! Red backs.
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Marked And Stripper Deck (Empire)
21475 (M14-1-2)
Marked and tapered cards. Many tricks are possible. Includes instructions for four tricks. Assorted packs of blue and red color backs.
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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Blue
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A Bicycle stripper deck. Blue color. Red is available separately.
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Bicycle Stripper Deck (USA)
21047 (M1-12-3)
With this versatile deck the magic is in your hands. Find the spectator's card like a sleight of hand expert but using no sleight of hand! Assorted red and blue colors.
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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Red
18190 (R1-2-3)
A Bicycle stripper deck. Red backs. Blue back decks are available separately.
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110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
BK14134 (L9-1-2.FP1)
Learn over 100 tricks involving a stripper deck with this book. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new effects.
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29 Magic Tricks with Wizard Stripper Deck - DVD
DVD14665 (R1-3-5.6)
This DVD teaches 29 different tricks using a stripper deck.
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Magnetic Scotch and Soda - Mexican Centavo (Sterling)
Magician places a Kennedy half dollar and a Mexican centavo into spectator's hand. Spectator hand and magician makes a pass over it. When he opens his hand, spectator now holds only half dollar and a quarter. The centavo has vanished!
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Jumping Joker Flush (FT)
22116 (M5-5-3)
Jokers are the real wild card in this royal flush effect. Not only does the joker turn into an ace but it also trades places with the ace previously added to an envelope.
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Ganjifo the Ultimate Trick Deck (FT)
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This trick deck not only secretly tells you the identity of any selected card, it also reveals the suit and value of the card above it, and the number of cards cut to at any point. Bridge size cards.
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Color Changing Wreath - Feather (FT)
22112 (R6-1-2)
Performer tosses three colored Wreaths into the air, and they visibly and instantaneously transform into a giant TRI-COLORED WREATH, three times larger than the original Wreaths.
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Adairs Sniffy (FT)
22108 (M3-16-1)
Ian Adair's mouse "Sniffy" squeaks and finds the selected card!
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Egg - Solid Wood - White (FT)
22080 (R6-1-4)
Imitation wood egg about 2.5 inches in size. The egg is made of solid wood and is not hollow inside and will not easily break. White.
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Quickly figure out which card was selected with this deck.