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Magic Vanish Capsule #5477 - Pack of 12
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Magic Vanish Capsule #5477 - Pack of 12
Magic Vanish Capsule #5477 - Pack of 12
Item #: 12625 (M12-7-2)
Unit: Dozen

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A silk or a bank note is placed into a clear plastic capsule and wrapped in a sheet of paper. When the capsule is unwrapped by a spectator, the silk has vanished! Silk / bank note not included. Pack of 12.

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11704 (M17-5-2)
The signed dollar jumps from a handkerchief to inside of a tube.
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Crystal Tube (VDF)
20839 (M6-9-3)
A crystal tube is shown to spectators. The magician puts three separate silks inside of it. He blows them out of the tube and magically the silks appear tied. A simple, nice, and colorful effect. All necessary props supplied.
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Bill Tube - Library of Magic Vol. 8
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Crystal Clear Tube It (FT)
20879 (M6-11-4)
A crystal clear Bill Tube is shown to spectators. An initialed borrowed bill is placed in and then vanishes from beneath a borrowed pocket handkerchief. It reappears inside the clear transparent capsule. Spectator can remove the bill.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #1
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Includes 4 great and easily learned tricks in one magic set: Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic Money Maker, and Crystal Coin Case.
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The silk or bank note vanishes from within the capsule. Pack of 12 
blister cards.