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Magic Vision Box #5419 - Small - Pack of 12
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Magic Vision Box #5419 - Small - Pack of 12
Magic Vision Box #5419 - Small - Pack of 12
Item #: 17931 (M13-10-3, 41-1,2,3)
Unit: Dozen

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A small plastic 1.5" box and cube with a different colored spot on each side are examined. Spectator secretly places cube in box, remembering topmost color and puts on the lid. Magician correctly names the chosen color! This is one great pocket trick! Dozen of blister packs.

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13576 (M13-10-4)
The magician will know which number on the die is facing up. - Pack of 12
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Tel-a-Vision (Royal)
The magician will always know which color is on top.
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Color Vision Mini (FT) - Bulk Pack of 100
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Super Vision Blindfold Bag (FT)
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Color Vision (FT)
9733 (M5-17-4)
The magician will know which colored spot is facing up inside the closed box. The colored plastic box is 1-1/4" square, with a cube 1- 1/8".
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The magician will always know what color is on top in the 1.5" 
covered box. Dozen of blister packs.