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Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Pack of 12 (FT)
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Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Pack of 12 (FT)
Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Pack of 12 (FT)
Item #: 21845 (F2-3-2)
Unit: Each

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10 inches long, these are excellent magic wands.


These wands are molded in solid plastic, and seamless (no molding line or mark along the wand). They have a good feel, and are very economically priced. Will not warp like wood, no paint to crack or peel.


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Wanderful Lift-Off (FT)
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Feather Duster Wand
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Magic Wands - Small 10" x 1/2" - Pack of 12
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10 inches long, these are excellent magic wands.