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Magic Wands - Mini 4.5" x 3/16" (FT) - Box of 36
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Magic Wands - Mini 4.5" x 3/16" (FT) - Box of 36
Magic Wands - Mini 4.5" x 3/16" (FT) - Box of 36
Item #: 18044 (R4-1-4)
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A magic wand is probably the first prop every magician buys. The standard magic wand is black with white tips. Offered here are the four most popular sizes. The 16" x 1/2" is an excellent stage wand as it is large, and easy to see from a distance. The 13" x 1/2" is the most popular and the one most people are used to seeing. Good for stage, platform, or close-up. The 10" x 1/2" is popular for close-up. The 4 1/2" x 3/16" is an excellent close-up wand when working with small props. Pack of 36.

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A pack of 36 wands, all 4 1/2" by 3/16" in size, great for 
children's gifts.