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Magic with ESP Book and Deck (FT)
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Magic with ESP Book and Deck (FT)
Magic with ESP Book and Deck (FT)
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Sam Dalal explains 14 astounding routines that are mostly of a self-working nature. No intricate sleights or moves are required to perform these effects. There are suggestions for several variations too, and chapters on background, terminology, and the required steps. This is not just a ‘bag of tricks’ you can do with an ESP deck. The routines are selected so they create the impression of psychic demonstrations.


This edition, originally published in 1995, has more material, more tricks, and more value for the money. It contains “The Test,” a commercial ESP effect that has sold for several years at many times the price of the complete book. It has several other tricks with an ESP deck that will establish your reputation of psychic abilities.


A deck of ESP cards - with symbols in five colors - is included.

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This soft cover, large size, illustrated book (22 pages) is the 
third revised and enlarged edition of the book originally published 
nearly three decades ago.
A deck of ESP cards - with symbols in five colors - is included.