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Magical Mentalia and Originalia by G.E. Arrowsmith
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Magical Mentalia and Originalia by G.E. Arrowsmith
Magical Mentalia and Originalia by G.E. Arrowsmith
Item #: BK14610 (L8-2-2)
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This is actually two books in one, written be G.E. Arrowsmith. Originally published in 1942, "Mentalia" is divided into two sections. Section 1 is mainly psychic magic, with some excellent routines, while Section 2 is miscellaneous tricks.


"Originalia" on the other hand, has one section devoted entirely to the Devil's Pasteboards and should be of interest to card enthusiasts provided they have already mastered one or two elementary sleights.

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Arrowsmith teaches psychic magic and card magic in this two-
for-one book.