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Magical Pencil Case (Wonder)
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Magical Pencil Case (Wonder)
Magical Pencil Case (Wonder)
Item #: 20459 (M13-8-2)
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This magical Pencil Case can hold all your school or office stationery like pencils, pens, erasers, etc.  But the contents might just vanish within the case!  This Magical Pencil Case can confound even the owner.  Open the pencil case to show it is empty.  Shut it, and open it again.  Pencils, erasers and more have magically appeared!  Packed 3 assorted colors in 12 piece display box. Measures 8.5" x 2.5" x  1".

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Magic Dragon Drawer Box #5424
13765 (M12-12-1, 41-13-2)
Make items appear or vanish instantly from this cute little drawer with a dragon on the image on its top. 3" x 1.5" x 0.5".
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Jumbo Eraser - For BIG Mistakes
17280 (M11-10-4)
An oversized eraser with "For Big Mistakes" printed on it. By the dozen or Display of 24.
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Amazing Drawer Box  (FT)
Drawer box is 4" long, 2.5" wide and 0.6" high and can produce or vanish items like paper money, paper slips, biscuits, small silks, pleated ribbons, or crayons.
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Whoopee Cushion 8" - Box of 24
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Annemanns Mental Bargain Effects
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14320 (M19-15-3)
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Bandit Ball (FT)
14077 (M2-15-1.M30-5-3)
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to show it is empty. Shut it, and open it again. Pencils, erasers 
and more have magically appeared!