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Malini Egg Bag (FT)
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Malini Egg Bag (FT)
Malini Egg Bag (FT)
Item #: 20065 (M6-11-2)
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The Malini Egg Bag is a small Egg Bag that is in better proportion to the egg used. It has a modified construction, to conceal the egg from a spectator looking into the bag. Then the spectator can reach into the bag and "discover" the egg. The bag is stitched from a stiff material, which conceals the egg better. The egg is a solid imitation egg; it can slide easily in and out of the bag. Complete with egg, bag, and 2 pages of detailed instructions.

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Vanish the egg in the bag then have the spectator make it reappear! 
Complete with egg, bag, 
and 2 pages of detailed instructions.