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Malini Egg Bag w/ DVD (Bazar De Magia)
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Malini Egg Bag w/ DVD (Bazar De Magia)
Malini Egg Bag w/ DVD (Bazar De Magia)
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The classic Malini Egg Bag, a routine used with confidence by magicians all over the world!  An egg vanishes and is produced from a previously examined empty bag. Invisible pocket means spectator can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing!  A fabulous Bag and Egg routine, recreated from the ideas of Malini, Kaps, Ken Brook and Tamariz.  You will be able to perform this marvelous egg routine.  Built in the same size as the original Malini Egg Bag.  Manufactured in high quality black silk, with soft, rugged, loose, beautiful material.  The set includes: Malini Egg Bag ONLY, with instructions on how to make your own blow egg.  DVD with routine and explanations (in English and Spanish, Bolso Huevo Malini) by Iñaki Zabaletta.  Manufactured by Bazar de Magia.

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An egg vanishes and is then produced from a previously examined 
empty bag. Includes high quality silk Malini style egg bag, DVD with 
routine and explanations, and instructions on how to make your own 
blow egg.