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Marketing Magic by K. Cummins
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Marketing Magic by K. Cummins
Marketing Magic by K. Cummins
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Do you want to book more shows, make more money, and become more famous? Kent Cummins explains exactly how to make it happen with the first 24 columns of his Marketing Magic series from The Linking Ring, the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  The book includes a dozen magic steps to marketing, Kent's magic marketing checklist, and of course, "The Self-Eating Watermelon!"  Even if you have been reading his columns in The Linking Ring, having them all in one place (with a Table of Contents to help you find the answers you need) provides a useful tool for growing your business. Every book is signed by Kent, and includes a bookmark with his 10-point Marketing Checklist.


Kent has been earning money from magic since he was a junior magician in 1953, and has made his living as a full-time pro since 1986. In between, he was what Gene Anderson calls, "a part-time pro." With a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a Masters Degree in Business, Kent has the credentials to understand marketing for entrepreneurial entertainers. But it is his many years of performing experience that make his information so valuable.

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Do you want to book more shows, make more money, and become more 
famous? Kent Cummins explains exactly how to make it happen with the 
first 24 columns of his 'Marketing Magic' series, from The Linking