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Master Mind Cards (FT)
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Master Mind Cards (FT)
Master Mind Cards (FT)
Item #: 21860 (M14-1-2)
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The magician predicts the selected card from the dozen different ones. Uses jumbo cards!


Master Mind Cards are the creation of Prof. Pushp of Mumbai.  A strong mental effect using jumbo cards suitable for stage use.  Performer places aside an envelope, which he says is a prediction.


He now fans and displays a dozen different jumbo size cards.  He turns the packet of cards face down, and deals cards one at a time on the table.  The spectators are invited to stop him on any card.  The card stopped at is turned around and displayed.  The prediction is opened, and the magician has predicted the exact selected card from the dozen different ones.


This is a strong mental effect, and no stooges or forces are used.  It is made possible by the very special set of jumbo cards supplied.  It comes to you complete with all the necessary apparatus, and full working instructions .

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The magician predicts the selected card from the dozen different 
ones. Uses jumbo cards!