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Mathemagic Trick (Wonder)
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Mathemagic Trick (Wonder)
Mathemagic Trick (Wonder)
Item #: 14778 (M14-2-2)
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Wonder Mathemagic can turn you into a human computer! Included are 4 square sticks with random single digit numbers. When placed side by side, you have four 4 digit numbers. You can instantly figure out the total of the 4 numbers! You can change the 4 sticks in any combination. But the formula for the answer will always be the same. Easy to do!

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Mathematics, Magic and Mystery by M. Gardner
BK14618 (L8-3-2)
Magic using the principles and logic of math.
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Mental Logs (FT)
12325 (M14-4-2)
You are a Human Computer who can add faster than any calculator. You can ALSO perform Clairvoyance, and predict totals before the numbers are seen by anyone. Beautifully made, with engraved numbers on anodised metal rods.
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Imp Bottle (FT)
13738 (M10-4-2)
Only the magician can make the bottle lay on its side.
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Mathematical Genius (VDF)
20278 (M14-2-1)
The magician can total five dice with 3 digits on each die, in his head.
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Mathemagic: Magic, Puzzles, Games with Numbers
BK14619 (L8-3-2)
Magic using the principles and logic of math. More than 60 new puzzles and stunts based on the properties of numbers. Over 30 pages of magic squares, triangles, cubes, much more. Inexhaustible source of stimulating mathematical recreation.
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Lotto Square
20298 (M12-5-3)
"Lotto Square" is a great way to reveal a chosen number.
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Self Working Number Magic: 101 Foolproof Tricks by K. Fulves
BK20945 (L11-2-2)
Fulves presents 101 baffling tricks that are so easy to do they practically work by themselves. Emphasis is on performing and perfecting the tricks. They can be learned quickly and put into operation immediately, and they really dazzle.
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Mis-Prediction (FT)
19890 (M14-14-2)
All of the magician's incorrect card predictions, when later combined, end up being correct, appearing as a giant card.
In Stock

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Adairs Carnival Ribbons - Small (FT)
13849 (M1-2-3)
First magically produce the ribbons, then produce an object from the ribbons. Although originally designed to produce a dove, you could also produce a bottle of soda or beer, a very large number of silks, or a bunch of real flowers.
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Cups and Balls (Empire)
14395 (M6-7-3.4)
Cups and balls beginner set. Instructions included.
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Misers Dream Glass - S.S. (FT)
17795 (M14-15-3)
Use the stainless steel glass to make coins appear or vanish.
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Birthday Silk Coloring Outfit 18" (FT)
19254 (M2-3-1)
This is an outfit comprised of three 18" superior quality silks. A plain blue silk, a black and white birthday picture on a matching blue background, and the same birthday picture in full color on the blue background.
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Rabbit Production Silk 18"
20989 (M17-15-3)
Pull this 18" rabbit silk out of your hat. High quality 100% silk.
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Ghostly Impressions (FT)
19882 (M9-17-4)
The selected card will appear in the glass, then disappears. Can be repeated immediately.
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The magical trick that will make you a mathematical wizard 
instantly. Do advanced additions in seconds.