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Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
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Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
Item #: BK14622 (L8-3-1)
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This 16-page booklet is indeed a bargain, with effects by Hewitt, Thompson and Annemann. Among the effects you will find the famous Mental Masterpiece from Annemann.

  1. Annemann's Diabolo Pellet Reading
  2. The Modern Mindreader (Hewitt)
  3. Annemann's Psychic Writing
  4. Annemann's Mental Masterpiece
  5. The New Double Telepathy Routine (Annemann)
  6. Greta Annemann's Eyes of the Unknown
  7. 30th Century Television (Hewitt and Annemann)
  8. Coincidence (Hewitt)
  9. Penetrating Vision (J. G. Thompson)
  10. The Impromptu Mind Reader
  11. GETIT! (Annemann)

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Annemann teaches easy to learn mental magic.