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Mental Reverse
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Mental Reverse
Mental Reverse
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The spectator names any card. A deck of cards is spread face up and the magician takes out the named card. The magician shows that the back of the named card is a different color than the back of the rest of the deck. Any card thought of! Requires no skill! Very easy to do!
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Nudist Mental Photo Deck (Sorcery)
A full deck of blank cards are shown, with the fronts and the backs all blank. Then a face appears on one card, but with no back. Then a back appears, without a face. Eventually, faces and backs are all fully printed on the deck.
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Drawing two hearts, one whole and one broken, onto two different cards will heal a broken heart. Includes DVD and custom Bicycle Heart deck.
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Easy to Master Mental Magic by J. Clark
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Cardiologist Deck with DVD
Deck can be shuffled at any time, by magician or spectator. Even so, the magician can instantly find the mate of any card freely selected by the spectator.
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Magis Mentor 2014 Card Trick
Spectator selects 1 of 5 ESP cards, then uses their cell phone to call a number on your business card. A pre-recorded voice mail, or a live person, identifies the ESP card they have selected! Works in the continental US only.
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Magical Mentalia and Originalia by G.E. Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith teaches psychic magic and card magic in this two- for-one book.
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The selected card will have a different colored back.