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Merlins Fluke
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Merlins Fluke
Merlins Fluke
Item #: 20690 (M14-5-3)
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A red deck and a blue deck is shown, and one deck chosen by a spectator as well as a number between 1 to 52.  Open the other deck to find one card backwards and move it to the top of the deck.  The chosen card in the selected deck is the same as the reversed card.  Comes with DVD and gimmicks.  Decks not supplied:  just use any red and blue Bicycle decks.

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Straight Jacket Escape (VDF)
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An easy to learn trick using the gimmick supplied and any red and 
blue deck. The chosen card in the selected deck is the same as the 
reversed card.  Comes with DVD and gimmicks.