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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
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The Messado Rings are unlike any other linking rings you have seen - they have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other close-up rings (e.g - Ninja). The rings are forged from a custom alloy that bonds to the finish ensuring a rugged construction that stands up to hundreds of ring clashes a day, and are precision weighted to deliver an exact centre of gravity - crucial for moves like the Centrifugal Link.  The rings were made to Messado’s exact specifications, and went through over a dozen prototypes until the seamless, carbon-black rings were, in his words, ‘just perfect’.  The rings can be carried in a custom designed, stylish black zippered carrying case, emblazoned with the Messado Rings logo.


On his DVD, Joshua Messado holds nothing back.  He shares his full routines, as he performs them, teaching each move in context.  He also encourages you to choose those moves that appeal to you and your own style.  Since each move is completely modular, you can develop your own routine. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life, Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine - from start to finish, from the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish display, in stunning and meticulous detail.   


Messado’s involvement of the spectator is not something that is simply tacked onto the end of a linking rings performance. This routine makes the spectator central to the magic - from sticking out a finger to unlink the rings at their very touch, to physically holding a ring and crashing it through another - linking them in their own hands - the magic happens just inches away from their nose. This is a routine that builds, rather than flatlines, with the rings linking and unlinking under increasingly impossible conditions. Messado’s performance involves rings that jump to join others, links that happen in midair- even links that seem to defy gravity. 


See Messado perform part of his Messado Rings routine or watch a different performance here.



The Messado Rings
Messado Display
The Key Ring
Spectator Routine
Wrap Up Routine
Live Performances


Key Ring Link
Double Rings Link
Centrifugal Link
Flipping Link
Silent Link
Quad Link
Spinning Jumper Link


Basic Unlink
Spectator Unlink
Silent Unlink
Centrifugal Unlink

Advanced Techniques:

Matrix Spin
Impossible Jumper
Karate Kid


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Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted 
to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado 
performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each 
move, in context.